Jams and Jelly


Pick from our range of sweet and savoury preserves.  Ideal for breakfast or hors d’oeuvres and everything in-between. Scroll down to learn more about our flavours and how to use them.

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Red Pepper Jelly
This Jelly is sweet, tangy, just a little bit spicy and perfectly balanced.
*Enjoy on a charcuterie board or in a grilled cheese sandwich.

Strawberry Jam
Beautifully sweet Ontario Strawberries gently sweetened and preserved.
*Enjoy with peanut butter and toast or on a fresh scone.

Raspberry Jam
Complex with balanced sweet and tart Ontario Black Raspberries.
*Enjoy on a scone or on a charcuterie board. This pairs perfectly with a Triple Cream Brie.

Cranberry Sauce
Sweet, tangy and simple cranberry sauce.
*Enjoy with Turkey Dinner Pie or on a charcuterie board with pate!